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Information Hotel ML

Hotel ML is a small boutique hotel with 17 rooms in downtown Haarlem that have opened their doors for guests since 2018. This historical 4 star hotel is a decorated in a mix of a modern and stylish design but with some flavors of the past.

The accommodation offers family rooms and offers free use of their wifi.  

ML Haarlem offers a daily breakfast for their guests which is available in their restaurant, if you are not a hotel guest you can also enjoy the breakfast they are offering. Another food & beverage outlet that is offered is Bistro ML, the bistro is daily opened from the morning till the evening, so you enjoy the breakfast but also a nice lunch or dinner.  

A great recommendation for a luxury dinner is Restaurant ML that has received a Michelin star since 2019.  

The staff of Hotel ML is focused to provide you with the best service they can, guest satisfaction is high on the list at this accommodation.

17 rooms
Free Wifi
Breakfast available

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hotel ML serve breakfast ? 

ML Haarlem offers a daily breakfast buffet that is available for their guests but you can also use their breakfast if you are not a guest of the hotel. The breakfast buffet costs 17,50 euro per person per day.

What time is the breakfast served in Hotel ML? 

The breakfast is served on the following times: during the weekdays the breakfast is served from 07.00 am till 10.00 am and in the weekend the breakfast is served from 08.00 am till 11.00 am.

Does the hotel offers parking in Haarlem ? 

There is no parking facility at ML Hotel but in the surroundings of the hotel you use the public parking, ask the staff for reccommondations to park your car.

Does the hotel offers airport transfers ? 

The accommodation is not offering any airport transfers but when you don't want to travel by the public transportation you can easily take a taxi.

Where is ML Haarlem located ? 

ML Haarlem is located in the city center of Haarlem next to the famous St. Bavo Church and on a minute walk from the "Grote Markt". Around the hotel are several restaurants and bars to enjoy a lovely dinner or some drinks.

Is Hotel ML Haarlem close to the train station of Haarlem ? 

The ML Hotel is about a 15 minute walk from the train station in Haarlem.

What is the address of ML Hotel ? 

The address of ML Hotel in Haarlem is: 
ML Hotel
Klokhuisplein 9
2011 CK